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What is Instructor?

Instructor is a library that allows you to get structured, validated data from multiple types of inputs: text, chat messages, or images. It is powered by Large Language Models (LLMs).

The library is inspired by the Instructor for Python created by Jason Liu.

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Feature Highlights

Instructor is designed to make it easy to process data with LLMs in PHP. Here are some of the key features of the library:

Core features

  • Get structured responses from LLM inference
  • Validation of returned data
  • Automated retries in case of errors when LLM responds with invalid data

Flexible inputs

  • Process various types of input data: text, series of chat messages or images
  • ‘Structured-to-structured’ processing - provide object or array as an input and get object with the results of inference back
  • Demonstrate examples to improve the quality of inference

Customizable outputs

  • Define response data model the way to need: type-hinted classes, JSON Schema arrays, or dynamically define your data shapes with Structures
  • Customize prompts and retry prompts
  • Use attributes or PHP DocBlocks to provide additional instructions for LLM
  • Customize response model processing by providing your own implementation of schema, deserialization, validation and transformation interfaces

Sync and streaming support

  • Receive synchronous or streaming responses
  • Get partial updates & stream completed sequence items


  • Get detailed insight into internal processing via events

Support for multiple LLMs / API providers

  • Use multiple LLM API providers (incl. OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere, Azure, Groq, Mistral, Anyscale, Fireworks AI, Ollama, OpenRouter, Together AI)
  • Use local models with Ollama

Documentation and examples

  • Learn more from growing documentation and 50+ cookbooks

Instructor in Other Languages

Instructor has been implemented in various technology stacks. Check out implementations in other languages below:

If you want to port Instructor to another language, please reach out to us on Twitter we’d love to help you get started!